Alabanza de Denis Rancourt

3268492487_0243397d83_mEl de física de la Universidad de Ottawa (Canadá) Denis Rancourt decidió no evaluar a sus alumnos -mejor dicho, decidió darles la máxima nota desde el principio:

[Its is not my job] to rank their [students] skills for future employers, or train them to be “information transfer machines,” regurgitating facts on demand. Released from the pressure to ace the test, they would become “scientists, not automatons”.

Lo han despedido con una violencia inusitada: «In December, the senior physicist was suspended from teaching, locked out of his laboratory and told that the university administration was recommending his dismissal and banning him from campus». Pero no solo eso, lo tratan como a un delincuente:

Firing a tenured professor is rare in itself, but two weeks ago the university took an even more extreme step: When Prof. Rancourt went on campus to host a regular meeting of his documentary film society, he was led away in handcuffs by police and charged with trespassing.

Pueden leer la noticia completa aquí. D’Arcy Norman se hace eco del hecho en su blog y lo comenta acertadamente -aunque echo a faltar un comentario sobre la forma en que está siendo tratado:

As we continue moving toward a more individual and portfolio-driven assessment of a person’s abilities, philosophies, and educational contexts, grades become less meaningful anyway. What may have been lacking in Rancourt’s class was some concrete means for students to document and describe their learning, once their A+ grade had been essentially rendered meaningless as an assessment metric.

La actuación de Rancourt me parece ejemplar, y el hecho de que haya suscitado tal «rancour» en su contra por parte de la universidad me parece que indica que ha puesto el dedo en la llaga de un sistema que se mantiene mediante la coacción evaluativa. Como bien dice: “Grades poison the educational environment. We’re training students to be obedient, and to try to read our minds, rather than being a catalyst for learning”:

[vía elearnspace]